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About Me by Michael J. Westwood

At 29 years old, my interests span across various genres of music, including rock, rap, alternative, dance, electronic, and classic songs. An avid fan of professional wrestling, I developed this passion due to one of the effects of being on the autism spectrum, often referred to as a specialized area of interest.

The major professional wrestling companies, such as the WWE and several others, capture my attention, and my interests have expanded to include TV sitcoms, both classic and modern, as well as learning about various disabilities.

My fascination with disabilities, including the autism spectrum, originates from a diagnosis of the now-outdated Asperger's during my early childhood. I have faced struggles and adversity that come along with being on the spectrum, and my memory holds numerous stories that are both encouraging and involve setbacks from which I had to navigate and learn.

Through my blog, I aim to provide information and enable others to better comprehend the stress that the autism community faces. Additionally, I hope to highlight how adept and capable many people on the spectrum can become with the appropriate support and life experiences. Autism is complex, and with increased education, a significant number of autistic individuals will feel more empowered and self-assured as time progresses.

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