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Our Impact

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an important factor for Anvaya Feats’ monitoring and evaluation efforts. The number of disadvantaged and disabled community members who benefit from our internships, young people we support, and accessible solutions we help create, all ensure transparency about what our programs deliver and how many people our efforts aid. But to move beyond the numbers, we measure our impact by the Success Stories of those from the communities themselves.

Image of Harsha and Mayra by Felipe Amorim

Internships Provided: 73

Compensation to Interns: $63,000+
Innovative Solutions Pending: 9
Accessible Tech Solutions Developed: 3
Betas Released: 7
Opportunities for Positive Impact: Countless 

Image of Ling by Felipe Amorim

Continuous Improvement

Anvaya Feats actively invites ideas for Continuous Improvement throughout a project’s life cycle by incorporating a feedback loop into our Virtual Internship Program and Strategic Partnerships.

Staying Focused

Our self imposed feedback loop ensures that we never lose sight of our Mission and that Diverse Thinking and Inclusive Design are always a key elements in our regular operations.

Image of Nick by Felipe Amorim
Image of A'Isha by Felipe Amorim


Constructive feedback also helps to refine Quality Assurance Quality Control measures remain a constant factor for our projects.


Internal and External input helps our work and places us in a better position to serve the Anvaya community both domestically and abroad.

Image of Orithia by Felipe Amorim
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