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Anvaya Feats Virtual Internship Cohort

We specialize in leveraging our Virtual Internship Program to develop creative and holistic solutions to niche challenges for customers and end-users with disabilities and those from marginalized communities with underserved causes. We do this by inviting Youth and Persons with Disabilities to join our team and help develop these solutions!

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We offer three tracks for unique Internship outcomes:


1. DevOps – Focused on IT, Data Management, and Application Development

2. BOLD – Targeting Business, Organizational, Learning and Development

3. Anvaya – Specializing in Creative and Technical Design Skills

Our Approach

A 4 - Phased Development Program:

  • Phase #1 – Onboarding: An introduction to Business Development, operations, products, and services.


  • Phase #2 – Professionalism: Learn about industry best practices, business ethics, and the basics of Project Management.


  • Phase #3 – Business Improvement: Dive deeper into our products and services and conduct research to determine areas for improvement and/or innovation.


  • Phase #4 – Intern Capstone: Analyze lessons learned, and research conducted to present a Business Case or Recommendation for our Continuous Improvement.

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