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New Projects for Fall 2023!

Anvaya Kids - Joseph and Barry

Say Hello to "Barry" the Bear...

"Barry" is an awesome little friend created by Anvaya Kid, Joseph! Joseph makes puppets to play with and tell stories to help prevent abuse (especially children). "Barry" plays a really important part in young Joseph's story.

... and also welcome Barry's Bear Buddies!

Anvaya Kids: Bear Buddies are cuties that love unconditionally and are a welcomed addition to any room or office. They are a symbol and a reminder to raise awareness and elevate children's voices about Child Abuse Prevention.

Anvaya Kids - Bear Buddy Trio
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Promoting Literacy

Library Background

Introducing the NEW Anvaya Kids

E-Book Series


Co-Authored by Creatives and Educators from different backgrounds, cultures, and abilities:

• Characters from different countries
• Celebrating diversity
• Elevating young voices
• Building vocabulary and conversation

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Promoting Accessibility

Emoji Match Play screen_edited.jpg
Joseph for Accessibility_edited.png

Games should be Accessible!


Our Games are hosted online to ensure:

• Use with Assistive Technology
• Mobile and Desktop Access
• No Downloads
• No Installs

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Youth Workshops

Anvaya Kids School background_edited_edi
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It's NEVER too early to start Career Exploration!


Join our Virtual workshops when School is Out...


  • Game Design

  • Graphic Arts

  • Audio Production

  • And more!

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Social Emotional Learning

Anvaya Feats Sunset
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Supporting SEL


  • Whether Neurodiverse or impacted by isolation from others, all children can benefit from a fun way to practice Social Awareness.


  • Emoji Match is the first accessible Anvaya Kids online game with a focus on Emotional Recognition and Response.

  • Players start by matching Anvaya Kid Emojis and them moves on to pairing emotions with facial expressions. The game later progresses to matching emotions with characters from different cultural and racial backgrounds.

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