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About Anvaya Feats

Our Mission

Anvaya Feats is a nonprofit organization that advocates for and provides opportunities for visibility, growth, and employment to youth, persons with disabilities, and marginalized communities by engineering inclusive and accessible projects, environments, and organizational cultures.

Our Vision

To create an international community of inclusive thinkers and compassionate influencers who eliminate stigmas placed on marginalized communities and Persons with Disabilities.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

Built on the principles of Diversity, Accessibility, Inclusivity, and Equality, Anvaya Feats' mission is to maintain our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) both in the US and abroad. Our focused SDGs are:

  • To help End Poverty by enabling our community with today's business and technical skill sets that will lead to Independence and Financial Stability.

  • Ensure Quality Education by helping community members access free and low-cost educational resources for learners with disabilities and those with socioeconomic barriers.

  • Moving the needle towards Gender Equality by elevating the voices of girls and women through social platforms and forums that welcome their stories and contributions.

  • Contributing to Good Jobs and Economic Growth by offering internship opportunities that promote social entrepreneurship and business development.

  • Promoting Innovation and Infrastructure for more accessibility in technology, gaming, business, and education.

  • Developing Strategic Partnerships that ensure Anvaya Feats succeeds in accomplishing these goals while shoring up the efforts undertaken by other likeminded organizations.

Our Why

"Anvaya" is a Sanskrit term that means Family, and is the sort of community our nonprofit seeks to create. "Feats" is the term that describes the challenges faced by those who benefit from our support and services, as well as a description of our accomplishing small goals that add up to triumphant success stories.


We believe that communicating, sharing stories and experiences, and connecting with others in a community will have a positive effect on those who may need healing, our society and the planet.

Anvaya Feats logo and cup of coffee with text that reads, "Can we get a $3 donation from you? Come on. that's less than a cup of coffee!
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