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A Short History:

How This Passion Project turned Nonprofit Organization

Originally written by J.E. Smith on a dare by his wife in 2016, Anvaya Feats began as an untitled Fan Fiction, but quickly became a story that traced the disadvantaged lives of young people from marginalized communities around the world!

Throughout this labor of love, tales of struggles conveyed by the news and social media became the catalyst for new missions and challenges faced by the main characters of the story. 


After 6-years and over 700,000 words, the author's wife, LaToya, convinced him to share his story with the world and to give his work a title, Anvaya Feats.

In 2021, LaToya began working with her team of Creatives at 3S Tech & Talent LLC. Applying a holistic approach to bring the Anvaya Feats story to young people everywhere, the hope was to begin elevating marginalized voices and to bring awareness to the issues that impact the lives of those in disadvantaged communities. In addition to that, 3S Tech & Talent began offering Virtual Internship opportunities to young people with Disabilities, those from Disadvantaged backgrounds, and individuals from other marginalized communities as part of the Anvaya Internship Program.

Today, the Anvaya Feats passion project has been transformed into a Nonprofit Organization and our purpose has evolved as we now strive to increase the reach and positive impact of our message.

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