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Coming to our YouTube channel on June 1st and print options available on June 15th, the Anvaya Kids book series Empowers children to be safe & heard! 


We’re excited to introduce a new story featuring young Joseph, who serves as the narrator. Our latest children's activity book uses storytelling and engaging exercises to help young ones explore their feelings & build social-emotional skills.  This includes understanding & communicating about safety and healthy relationships. 


With the story being told by young Joseph, it serves as an icebreaker and a great tool to open conversations with the children in your life about


  • Personal body safety 
  • Identifying trusted adults
  • And setting boundaries 


With this activity book, kids can:


  • Learn coping mechanisms for difficult emotions 
  • Practice expressing themselves 
  • Feel confident asking for help 


Empowerment starts early and our series can help!

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Anvaya Kids booklets:

  • Help children understand their emotions,
  • Communicate their thoughts, and
  • Manage difficult feelings in productive ways. 


*The illustrations and character artwork celebrate the diversity and representation of the Anvaya Feats team. Learn more about S.F. Khan, our Lead Artist who utilizes adaptive technology and methods to overcome visual and hearing impairments to create each new character:

Anvaya Kids - Joseph Shares Barry's Tale

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