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  • Thomas is a young member of the Navajo Nation and lives with his grandfather. 
  • He’s so excited to finally attend school outside the Reservation!
  • But quickly encounters ignorance and bullying on his first day.
  • Thomas’s story is too common, but learn how his grandfather’s teachings help him to become a light for others.
  • This short story promotes awareness, accessibility, literacy, and inclusion! See what we mean in the comments below!

Thomas and The Very Important Lesson, is an Anvaya Kids short story that raises awareness about bullying and promotes DEI, Social Emotional Learning, and representation in Children's literature. 


Each Anvaya Kids storybook includes activities to encourage children to express and share their thoughts and feelings through stickers, drawings, and writing.


The character artwork is created by S.F. "Sam" Khan, a team member who is both Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired. 


Large-print and copies are also available. BRF files are available upon request.


We have also shared the Thomas story as an accessible RenPy draft version on the platform! Created by John Howell, a Visually Impaired intern from our 2023 cohort… Check it out:

Anvaya Kids - Thomas and The Very Important Lesson (Braille)

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