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Anvaya Beta Games

Promoting Accessibility in Gaming!

Anvaya Kids - Emoji Match Back of Card

Anvaya Kids: Emoji Match

Emoji Match was born from the idea of promoting social emotional awareness amongst children with disabilities and those from marginalized backgrounds who have limited access to the resources necessary to encourage the development of social skills. 


Coupled with the Anvaya Feats' team mission to encourage Developers to practice more inclusive design practices, the Emoji Match game is a perpetual work-in-progress to ensure accessibility for all players.

Anvaya Feats: Shadow Rush

Diversity, inclusion, and representation are at the heart of each technical and creative project for the Anvaya Feats team. The idea for Shadow Rush came about as we started having more conversations with the Blind and Visually Impaired community.

The goal is to address gaps in confidence and proficiency with assistive technologies for those new to living with vision impairment and blindness.

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Beta Testers Wanted!

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