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Anvaya-3S Virtual Summer Workshop Series

Program Mission – The mission of our Anvaya-3S Virtual Summer Workshop Series is to introduce Persons with Disabilities, Pre-ETS (pre-employment transition students) and members of other socioeconomically disadvantaged communities, to IT, Tech, Business, and Creative Vocational Training opportunities!

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Our workshop series provides a hands-on introduction to the basics of Python Programming and the new accessible integrated development environment, Ally IDE. Participants (ages 14 and older) will learn:

•    What Python is and why use it?
•    The basics of using Ally IDE
•    To create basic lines of Python code
•    Strategies for developing advanced skills in programming.

Workshop Goals

•    Experiential Learning Experiences  
•    Early & Engaging Career Exploration  
•    Preparation for Virtual & Onsite Employment 
•    Alternative Professional Development Solutions
•    Self-Advocacy & Peer Mentoring

Workshop Outcomes

•    Basic introduction to Python programming language
•    Participants receive access to Ally IDE
•    Real-world project experience with a team of industry professionals
•    Access to new career planning resources

Enrollment Fee

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